A Wedding in November


For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, may have seen a post from a few months ago about my friends’ wedding in Lake Tahoe. Well, it was kind of a secret wedding. How does that work? Well, being in the military, you’re around people ALL THE TIME. And sometimes, you happen to fall in love with someone you work with and you want to spend the rest of your life with them…it happened to J and I. I know it happens!

Anyway, I am not going to dive into the rules and what not because that’s boring. Who cares? Let’s talk about love. haha.

You can read that post from the wedding here.

Did you click it? I hope so! Notice something? You didn’t see photos of the bride and groom! Well, like I said, it as a secret wedding. I had to wait until they made everything public before I could post the photos! Also, I have been itching to post the photos of Jamie’s hair and makeup! It’s the first time I had done a bride’s hair and makeup (besides myself) in a few years and I had such  fun time doing it.

Well, now I can share! I’ve actually been able to share these photos for awhile now but as most of you know, I haven’t been in the blogging scene lately since Aston has been born. And I still need to post about him too. lol

Anyway…introducing Brent and Jamie, married!!

DSC_0930 DSC_0936 DSC_0933
DSC_0943DSC_0972DSC_0977It was such a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun! Even being a big ol’ preggo. haha. And the best part is…I know they are going to have such a beautiful marriage. I miss Jamie like crazy and I can’t wait until I get to see her again! Since getting married, she has left California and gone to Florida (stupid Navy always moving people away lol) and her hubby will be following sometime this year. He still has to finish his contract out here.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! And I hope you enjoyed the fact that I actually posted again. lol. Have a marvelous Sunday!!!


What Happened To HeyDarlingLove?

I know, it’s been a MINUTE since I’ve been on here!

No, I haven’t fallen off the blogging train just yet…but here’s what actually happened!


We had our baby! He made his appearance early on Saturday morning and was quite the surprise! Why? He was cookin’ for 37 weeks. Born 20 days early and also came out SUPER FAST. I’ll save that birth story for another time…it’s super interesting as well!


All of us are adjusting to life with a newborn. Even our pup, Violet is trying to figure out what’s going on. Some parts have been rough, some heartache, and a lot of amazing-ness. He’s the cutest little thing I have ever seen, and I carried him for 9 months…well, 37 weeks. Lol.

There will be more updates to come. I just gotta find the time, like the fact that I started this post at 1:30am while nursing my son and finished it at 5:30am when I went to pump a little bit. Hey, it works. 😜

Until the next time,
Abigail ❤️

Pregnancy Woes and Worries


Alright, it’s getting close to GAME TIME. No, I am not talking about the Super Bowl on Sunday. The Packers aren’t playing, so who cares anyway? :P

February 27th (my due date) is fast approaching and I am feeling a bit of anxiety.

I went to the OB yesterday and found that I am 1cm dialated, baby is head down, and he is estimated to weigh about 5.5-6 lbs right now. No big deal…I could be at 1cm for the next 4 weeks and I would be fine, I’m sure. But the issue here is…

my husband will be leaving on a detachment on February 5th-13th.

Sure. It’s only an 8 day detachment but he’s leaving RIGHT before the due date and with my family history, I just have a feeling I am going to have this baby while he’s gone. :(

I know, I know. It was my choice to join the military as it was his and we knew what was involved with it. There are MANY moms that go through this alone and their husbands are gone on DEPLOYMENT. I totally get it. But that doesn’t mean I am more settled because there’s a chance my husband might miss the birth. Especially when it’s NOT a deployment.

Sometimes, you just get screwed, hard, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. It truly sucks.

I’m just having a few panicky moments here and there when it comes to this. I mean, my best friend leaves on Friday and goes off to spend the next 3 years or so in Jacksonville and I won’t be able to call her to come pick me up if I go into labor. Anyone else I could call? They live right by the hospital and it would be crazy for me to have them drive from out there, over to me and then BACK to the hospital! That would just take so much time! Ambulance? Yeah, there’s a different system for things like that considering I live on base. And our base doesn’t do deliveries in their hospital anymore…if they did, I would drive my happy ass the whole 3 minutes there.

I know. I have been lucky. My husband has been around for the entire pregnancy. He’s been able to help me around the house when I needed it, helped with the nursery, lifted things I couldn’t, etc. But honestly? If I have our little boy while he’s gone, I would trade the entire 9 months of my husband being home for him to be there for the birth. I’m not the only one disappointed about it…my husband is really upset that he’s leaving.

Especially since he is leaving the command in A MONTH. UGH.

Anyway…my random rant is over. Let’s just hope our baby boy likes staying in there and won’t come out until Daddy comes home! Just hold out until Valentine’s Day little man! Your Daddy wants to meet you on your first day here! You can do it!!



Travel Tuesday – Raleigh, North Carolina


Alright! This is week 3 of my Travel Tuesday series! I am so excited about this! You guys, people are actually wanting to write and let me post onto my blog! Plus, I get to learn a little bit more about people’s hometowns! Especially the people who have followed me and taken the time to chat with me, it’s pretty awesome to see where they are from!

So, from last week we were in Portsmouth, England and today we are heading to the states to Raleigh, North Carolina! Miss Madison was happy to write a post for me of the city she goes to college at and I was happy that she was happy! Lots of happiness going around here! She blogs over at http://maddykake.blogspot.com

Here’s what she wrote!
As the capitol city of North Carolina, Raleigh has endless opportunities for both its residents and visitors. With almost half a million people living in Raleigh, the city is bustling with activity. I attend North Carolina State University in the city. Being a large university, our campus itself has a lot to offer. From the beautiful Hunt Library (named one of the most spectacular libraries in the world here)  to Talley Student Union, our campus offers many modern and innovative centers for studying and meeting up.
1One of my personal favorite spots in Raleigh is the Red Hat Amphitheater. Located right in the midst of the downtown atmosphere, this outdoor venue is perfect for fun summer concerts. You can triple the entertainment with our two other awesome concert venues, the PNC Arena and Walnut Creek Amphitheater. Among the three of these locations, Raleigh has hosted countless celebrities. I’ve included a picture of my favorite concert from the Red Hat, the Jonas Brothers in 2013 :)
7 8
There is a countless number of restaurants and shops to be enjoyed in Raleigh. Cameron Village is home to many of the city’s most unique and trendy boutiques. The Pit is a restaurant located in downtown Raleigh that is famous for its barbecue and has been featured on many TV programs, including Man v Food. The Daily Planet Cafe is a cute and fresh place to enjoy breakfast or lunch while exploring downtown or visiting the Museum of Natural Sciences, conveniently located right next door.
You can’t go to Raleigh without attending an NCSU football game. You’ll find people tailgating in the parking lot of Carter-Finley hours before kickoff each game. The Wolfpack is the city’s very own pride and joy and the only thing that could possibly top the football games are the ACC basketball games right next door at the PNC Arena.
Finally, one of the biggest events that takes place in Raleigh (besides First Night for New Years Eve) is the annual NC State Fair. If you’re in North Carolina during mid-October you should definitely check out the fair. With all the usual rides and delicious foods, the fair also offers nightly concerts from various genres. Reaching almost one million visitors yearly, the NC State Fair is obviously an experience to have. If nothing else, just go walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. But for now, enjoy this picture of Before You Exit performing at the fair in 2014. (If it’s not obvious, I love concerts.. and boy bands :) )
5And here are the State Fair fireworks that closed the night :)
I know that Raleigh has so much more to offer that I have yet to explore and I have only included some of my favorite places and activities in the city, but as a freshman at NCSU, I look forward to getting to know Raleigh better in my next couple of years. One cool thing about Raleigh is that you can drive a few hours and be at the beach, or you can drive a few hours the other way and be in the mountains! North Carolina is truly a state that has it all!

Thank you to Madison for writing this awesome post! I think North Carolina would be a fun place to go sometime! And for me…it’s not going to be too hard for me to get there!! :)

What do you all think of North Carolina?! Anyone thinking of visiting?!

Make sure you show Madison some love!!

Want to be featured on my Travel Tuesday posts?! Let me know in the comments! OR email me at heydarlinglove@outlook.com

Can’t wait to hear from you!

My Camera, Your Eyes


A shorter post for today but a good one, nonetheless.

As many of you already know, when you’re a blogger, you’re probably off reading other blogs like yours or finding inspiration from others. We are constantly searching for things that will give us something “more” to talk about.

And there are these pages that just have SO MUCH content. So much to say with the photographs they take. There is NOTHING wrong with that, at all.

But this post is to appreciate a gal from back home in Wisconsin. We used to work together back in 2011 and 2012 before I left for the military. She always had the best photos on instagram and took really awesome photos. I am not going to lie, I loved her style and attitude toward life. I wish we had gotten to be better friends before I left.

Anyway, now that I am blogging more, I notice blogs more often! I was on the book of face and noticed that she posted some photos. I always loved her photos so I took a peek.
R1-02477-010A R1-02471-010A

Her photos are so stunning. And on her blog, all of her photos are shot with film. I not only see amazing photos but I can see the talent and the creativeness she has that comes with taking these photos. It’s truly an art. And the best part is…she’s not like me where she has to ramble on for days just to get her point across. She writes so beautifully and combined with the photos is a masterpiece. This may sound weird, but I fully enjoy her blog!

It’s simple and it’s fantastic.

The post that really caught my eye and my heart was this post about being 24. I’m about to be 26 and I can totally remember what I felt like when I was 24. It was very poetic. And it inspired me to share it with other people. TWENTY FOUR.

So, now that I have talked her up a ton…Meet Lexis.
She’s over at http://mycamerayoureyes.blogspot.com/

Keep up the amazing work!

**All of the photos I used in this post are hers and I had permission to use them (including the title photo).


My Favorite Blogs of December!!


^^Photo from lovefromginger.com^^

I figured I would give a shout out, once a month to my favorite bloggers of the month! No matter what they are blogging about, they have caught my eye, are interesting, or you know what? They are downright awesome and friendly outside of the blog. I have already met a few awesome people in the blogging world since I started putting mine out there. Here’s just a few to round out my December Favorites. :)


1. A Red Lip and A Nude Shoe
Meet Rosie! She’s got a darling site filled with fashion, beauty, food, opinions, and whatever else she wants to talk about! She’s from Melbourne, Australia. Actually, she will be having a guest post on here in the near future!!! You can come back to visit and check out what she wrote about where she’s from! Rosie is a super sweetheart with lots to talk about. She’s actually one of the people that I have talked to the most since I started (seriously) blogging not too long ago. We’ve talked about makeup, life, blogging, and where we live. She’s a hoot. Definitely pop on over there for some quality writing, photos, and a good laugh. :)

2. Pretty Loved
Meet Kristin! Kristin is another one of those sweethearts that has been helpful with the blogging help and just wonderful because she will talk to you. We talk a lot on twitter about random things and a lot about blogging as well. I was even on my first “twitter chat” with her. It was fun. And she’s always keeping up with my tweets. She even brought me to another one of my favorite bloggers. I’ve poked around her blog a bit and she’s got reviews on makeup, skincare, recipes, and more. If that sounds like your style…head over there. If it doesn’t, go anyway cause she’s awesome.

3. Bobs and Rouge
Lynne has a lovely little blog over here as well! Style, Beauty, and Lifestyle. Just like her blog says. But my favorite part is that she talks about a little of everything! She has clean eating recipes on there too which really caught my eye. And she’s talked about weddings recently. A newlywed as well?! I am a sucker for weddings. And since I am a newlywed, myself, I love reading blogs about wedding stuff. :)

4. Pretty Little Mama
Alright, this gal. She’s my girl. Her name is Raquel. It’s funny how our friendship started and I actually bring her up a lot when I talk about makeup. She’s like, my makeup guru and the only reason I know how to do my eyebrows. Lol. We met while we were both in the Navy together under some peculiar circumstances but we are friends and it worked out GREAT. I brought up blogging to her not too long ago because she is always on instagram talking about health, fitness, makeup, fashion, hair….everything. I was like, “You have an opinion and advice for everything. You should write about it.” She started a blog. She’s been off of it for awhile because she’s not just a veteran…she’s a mommy, a wife-to-be, and a student. And right now, she is off meeting the new family. Pretty exciting stuff in her life. Her blog may just be the start of something amazing, but it’s totally worth checking out! She will pretty much talk about…everything. 

5. Lola Lane Love
Amanda is such a sweetie! Can you believe this 25 year old darling has been blogging for a little over 30 days?! She’s definitely making a name for herself in the blogging community and I love it. Definitely a lifestyle blog because she talks about her life! And the best part is, she is VERY open about her life. I love when you can get to the nitty gritty of someone’s posts and just get to know who they are. That’s probably the best part about the blogs I have found lately. Getting to know people. She’s even doing an awesome change in her life and taking steps to being a healthy her! I definitely commend that. I love when I can read success stories and what not. You got this, girl! Definitely check out her blog and read for yourself. She’s great.

Well, I only have 5 for now. But I am super excited to share these lovely ladies with you. Maybe one day, I can be just as awesome as them! ;) This is seriously the BEST part about blogging. When people write, they let you in a little bit. You get a taste of what their world is like. And it’s not always the same. No one has the same story. Sure, they might like the same makeup, hair products, clothing line, etc…but it’s when they let you take a deeper look into their soul that I enjoy the most.

I love being a blogger. I am VERY new to it. But I love it.



NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme


It’s no secret that these lip cremes are a hit these days! You see colors Copenhagen and Transylvania…EVERYWHERE.

Instagram: check Twitter: check Blogs: check

It’s everywhere. Which is totally understandable! Both of these colors are great colors.

Alright, so I am a little behind and these colors have been out for awhile but it’s just insane to me how popular they are! I read some blogs where people were upset that they had ordered their lip colors and they were on back order. Or if you went to a store like Ulta, they were sold out. Nuts.

I went to Ulta a couple weeks ago just explaining the color I am looking for to people. I wanted something deep and full. Something gorgeous. Something….that I hadn’t worn before. And they all directed me to NYX Transylvania and Copenhagen. They said that it was super popular these days and they’re right. Those are the colors I am looking for! Saw them on Instagram and thought…yup. I want it. I wonder if it will even look good on me!

Well, since these wonderful colors are 5.99 and are definitely less expensive compared to my normal 16.00 lipcolor choices (MAC) I decided I am just going to order them both from Ulta. Why not? I want them. I like them. They’re inexpensive. They’re gonna be mine. :P

Best part is…NYX Cosmetics are buy one, get one 50% off. Uh, sweet deal! I might invest in a few more! Maybe even try the matte lipsticks. I’ve never worn NYX lipcolor before so this will be interesting! Maybe I will do a review on it some time! :)


Both of the photos in this post were found on boards on Pinterest.