About LifeWithAbbyD

 About My Blog:

Follow me through my journey through life transitioning from a working/Navy mother and wife to stay-at-home-mom. I’ll be sharing my many adventures in family life, joyful mothering, life after the Navy, faith,  learning to be creative, healthy changes, fitness motivation, and so much more.

About Me:

I’m Abigail. Abby D, if you will.
A gal from Wisconsin who left her roots to join the Navy that ended up finding love and starting a family.
I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Although, I am leaving the Navy, I am not leaving the Navy life. I am married to a wonderful man who has dreams of staying in the military and making it a career. The Navy brought us totgether, which led to two beautiful children, crazy experiences, and a home filled with love.

My Story:

I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet, but if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know I am not very good at that!

When I joined the Navy, I had intentions of making it a career. I said goodbye to my home, my friends, and my family and said hello to a job that I was going to carry out for the next 20 years. I didn’t even plan on ever getting married or having kids. Sure, I wanted all of that in the past but I guess you could say, I kind of “gave up” on the idea of that ever happening to me.


But it did. And I am eternally grateful.

I started this blog shortly after getting married and pregnant. Blogging wasn’t a new concept to me (I started doing that since I was a kid) but writing about life while going through pregnancy sure was. I wrote a bit about what it was like to be pregnant and how it was being a newlywed. Well, here I am almost two and a half years later and I am really starting to kick it into high gear again.

Why read LifeWithAbbyD?

When I DID think about being a mother and a wife, I had an idea of the kind of mother I wanted to be. As it turns out, you never know what kind of mother you’re going to be until you become one. I went from the girl who was disgusted by the idea of cloth diapering and wouldn’t do any of “that hippie crap” (yes, I literally said that) to becoming a babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, essential oil using, montessori learning, natural birth advocating, super into fitness – mom. Am I perfect? Nope. But I do my best to make sure my home and my life is filled with love.

Also, transitioning from one lifestyle to another is hard. And sometimes we need to find an outlet and find ways to get us through the tough stuff. So, that’s what my hope is for this blog –

To help with any transition in life.
To share with you and allow you to see, you’re not alone.
To encourage, inspire, and motivate other mothers on ANY journey they are on.
To empower women and mothers to continuously kick booty in what they do…
and to show you how to cope when you don’t.
To share my stories and the “I told you so’s” of life.

To always embrace womanhood and motherhood. 
May we always celebrate who we are!

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Please Keep in Mind:

Everything that is written in this blog is my own opinion or my own personal stories. I will not tell someone how to live their life. Also, just because I do things one way, doesn’t make your way right or wrong. I just want to put that out there. We’re all mothers that are doing the best we can with what we’ve got. As long as we keep respecting and uplifting one another, we will make this world a better place. ;)


2 thoughts on “About LifeWithAbbyD

  1. Miriam

    I just discovered your blog, and it’s safe to say that you have a new follower. I’ve had a quick peek through your posts, and I really enjoyed them (your photos are great quality). You seem like such an interesting person, and I can’t wait to get to know you a little more :)


    1. heydarlinglove

      What?! That’s so sweet and awesome! THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it! I am going to go pop on over to your blog RIGHT NOW and have a peek! And it means a lot that you think my photos are great, I am just learning how to experiment with my camera. Also, I never think of myself as an interesting person…so I appreciate THAT even MORE!! You’re a doll!! Thank you again SO MUCH!


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