Third Trimester Crazies


Yup. I have hit the 3rd timester. And there is NOTHING wrong with being at this stage in the game, so please don’t misunderstand the title. There are just a few things going on these days that I didn’t expect!

As many of you know, this is my first pregnancy and so far, so good! My weight gain has been pretty good, steady. No morning sickness in the first trimester and the hubby isn’t running around at 2am to find me some Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream ice cream (although I am sure he would). My cravings have been just normal. And the only thing that has changed with my diet is, my taste buds hate most veggies and fruit…which is really unfortunate considering I ate those all the time before I was preggo!

Other than that, it’s been a pretty smooth pregnancy.

My back started hurting when I hit the 2nd trimester but I think that’s simply because my belly was sitting so low and it was pulling my ligaments. And now, I am bigger so it hurts and sciatica kicks in. I bet most people don’t know about sciatic until they are pregnant. I sure didn’t. But when I went to the doctor on Friday, I was given a belly band to wear and it’s supposed to help lift the belly up and support my back. The hubby tends to hold my belly up when he stands behind me to hug me sometimes. And just so you know, it works. Relieves a lot of pressure and feels great.

As for right now. I am feeling the wrath of tiredness! Call me Sleepy, because I could fall asleep at my desk every 5 minutes. After I eat, I start to doze off and it’s actually pretty funny. I’m sure if someone was sitting in the office with me, they would be laughing at how many times I go bobbing for apples!

It’s crazy how tiring it can be to grow a human. I’m not even joking. I didn’t realize it would even take THAT much energy out of me. They say that the baby is growing the fastest during this time. He will be puttong on most of his muscle and fat and just forming the rest of his body to prepare for birth.

I feel him kicking like crazy. Maybe it’s not even kicking. He could just be moving around in there, testing out his arms and legs, fingers and toes, just trying to see if everything is working right! I think sometimes he just punches things because he feels like it. Also, my husband and I make jokes that he’s doing handstands, pushups, and backflips in there. We workout a lot (especially the hubby) so we joke around and say how active our little boy is. He definitely loves dancing on my bladder!

Speaking of bladder…I am running to the bathroom so much more these days! I mean, it only makes sense! He’s getting bigger and the room he has is just getting smaller. So he is going to be pushing against things in there! haha.

Everyone tells me, you never feel ready for the baby. The entire time you’re a parent, you won’t feel like you’re ready. Well, if that’s true, then I can relax a little. I feel like there is so little time to get things done and to get things prepared for our boy! We have the nursery painted, the crib is put together, and we have clothes and diapers for him. We have other things too but I don’t know what exactly we need!!

Here’s what we have so far:
1. Jogging stroller with infant carseat
2. Crib and mattress
3. High Chair
4. Swing
5. Bouncer
6. Diaper Genie
7. Wipe Warmer
8. 2 Diaper bags
9. Diapers (sizes nb-4)
10. Baby clothes, numerous sizes
11. 4 swaddlers, 3 swaddle bankets
12. a few blankets
13. some teething toys
14. books
15. a couple random bottles


We probably have more than that, but I can’t think of it all at the moment. I just feel like we need a lot more stuff. And this weekend, I need to get a breast pump. In case you were wondering, those things aren’t cheap! And the reason we have a lot of the stuff above is because of B/S/T sites. Let’s face it, people have babies everyday. So, there’s bound to be plenty of mamas out there willing to sell their old things to make room for newer and bigger things as their kids grow up! And I will surely take advantage of that.

But then again. I have to remember. Like I just said…mamas have babies every day. They’ve been having babies since the beginning of time and people have survived. Clearly, we have better technology now to aid in the process but…mamas, have babies. So, all in all, I need to stop stressing. Our little boy will be here soon enough and I can go ahead and stress about the next 18+ years of his life. lol

Until next time,

9 thoughts on “Third Trimester Crazies

  1. prettyloved

    How exciting!!! :)) You’re going to have the cutest baby ever ! He probably is doing kickstands in there haha if you guys are so active. It’s really good to hear you are doing so well <3 Kristin


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